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Hoodia Slim (C04HODA)

Reduces you interest in food.Makes you feel full faster ans longer.All Natural proprietary blend.

Price: $39.99

CBS News has featured a segment on an African desert plant called hoodia. It was able to depress the appetite of the CBS reporter for an entire day. Hoodia does not act as a stimulant, but is said to "fool the brain" into a not-hungry state. We offer Hoodia-Slim, a special blend of hoodia, cocoa extract, green tea, and chromium.

  • Reduces your interest in food
  • Makes you feel full faster...and longer
  • Helps you shed unwanted pounds
  • All natural, proprietary blend
Just 2 capsules a day provide you with:
  • Hoodia Gordonii Plant Extract 20:1 (300 mg.) mimics a glucose signal that tells the brain you're full. Your brain starts to send messages to eat less, so you do.
  • Cocoa Extract (400 mg.) boosts serotonin levels in the brain so you feel good while dieting.
  • Green Tea (200 mg.) contains naturally occurring trace amounts of caffeine to boost your metabolism, and antioxidants to protect you.
  • ChromeMate┬« (200 mcg.) is a trace mineral needed for blood sugar balance.
All the ingredients in Hoodia-Slim have been chosen in specific strengths to work together for maximum effectiveness.



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