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Calorie Blocker Formula™
Cuts the Carbs & Burns the Fat

• Burns the fat and blocks carbohydrates
• Great for stubborn belly fat
• Inhibits starch, sugars and calories

Price: $18.49

Our Calorie Blocker Formula of five weight loss helpers guarantees to put you on the fast track to losing pounds! This exclusive all natural formula has the amazing ability to actually block starch, sugar, fat, and calories while at the same time helping your body burn calories faster!

If you want to feel good about your body once again and lose weight... then our Calorie Blocker Formula it is the natural weight loss partner you need. Try it, it’s guaranteed to help your weight loss efforts.

Here’s what makes our Calorie Blocker Formula work!

  • Chitosan 375 mg - This amazing ingredient has the ability to soak up fat and cholesterol and express it out of your body before it becomes added weight.
  • Gymnenma Sylvestre 100 mg - Helps support glucose metabolism and helps curb carbohydrate cravings.
  • Citrin (Garcinea Cambogia) 50 mg - Has the ability to speed up the body’s metabolic rate and burning of calories while helping to control cravings.
  • Kidney Bean Protein 275 mg - Blocks the production of alpha-amylase in the body, the enzyme needed by starch type foods to become sugar calories.
  • Vitamin C 30 mg - Helps Chitosan work more effectively in soaking up fat.

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